Club du Soleil Savoie Nature History

50 years ago it was nearly impossible to talk about naturism in Savoie. A few naturist friends had a grand courage to begin talking about naturism. Then they launched the idea of a “naturist club”. Its foundation did not happen overnight. It required strong, steady and long lasting hard work and involvement of few dedicated close friends. They became the corner stone of this venture.


This small group of friends and many others like-minded people spent a great deal of time to, step by step, establishing what we are and have today : the "Club Soleil Savoie nature".


Jo Chapuy, a talented "Chambérien’ architect” with the support of the French Federation of Naturism and particularly Albert Lecocq, succeeded to get together the Savoyard naturists.


Then 5 friends joined him and created, in 1961, a county branch of the ‘Club du Soleil France’. His long lasting involvement was recognized and then he was appointed President.


The little young team did focus on two main ambitions. The first one was to attract more members. This was achieved in October 1962 with 28 members. The second key one was to locate a suitable land to start putting into practice of ‘gymnaturism’.


No one believed it would be easy to spot such a landscape. The good news occurred on the 1st January 1965. A 3000 square meters field situated at Saint Paul-sur Yenne was discovered vacant. However, to occupy it much clearing work had to be carried out. In the mean time the club licensees figure attained 40 adults and 30 children.


Unfortunately in 1968, the land owner sold his terrain. All previous efforts were then reduced to nil. Finding a new ground was a real dilemma and another challenge. Systematic researches led to localize a suitable land which is our location today.


It goes without saying that much work was necessary to obtain dirt-free grassland and then mining part of the path to give a more convenient access. As well to have a septic tank, a big cavity had to be excavated thanks to a time consuming backbreaking work.


1975 was the first year for the club to welcome 128 adult and 72 children members. It was considered to be the second largest club in Rhône Alpes County. Meanwhile a chalet had been built to provide space to host the county club meetings.


Still being part of the “Union des Clubs du Soleil”, the club, in 1976, decided to set up a declared independent association based on the 1901 law and become a French Federation of Naturism club member. It helped in 1981, to admit up to 181 adults and 93 children. For this reason the home dormitory construction had to be rapidly finalized and an inflatable dinghy provided.


From 1982 the club faced ups and downs. In 1987 the club was back to a membership high level reaching 170 adults and 85 children.


The best way to remain attractive was to build a bread oven, in 1986 enlarge the naturism practice area and finish the home upgrading. In continuation, plan for an in ground hard and solid pool, bring electric power on site and make the telephone available. All that was possible thanks to the mayor of Yenne and his municipality.


The landscape acquisition was long lasting mêlée and an essential step to once for all practice naturism safely. This key move gives the green light to the rock excavation and 6 month hard work to successfully erect the pool.


On the 16th June 1990, all involved club members were proud to inaugurate it with the presence of Yenne Mayor and a great number of Rhône Alpes naturist friends. To satisfy regulations the swimming pool has been renovated in 2005. Two showers along with a toilet block form extra adequate equipments.


To ease driving to the site, a part of the path has been tarred.


Nowadays the "Club du Soleil Savoie Nature" is pleased to receive, in the best conditions possible, all its club members and naturist foreign visitors.







« Le naturisme est une manière de vivre en harmonie avec la nature, caractérisé par la pratique de la nudité en commun, et qui a pour conséquence de favoriser le respect de soi-même, le respect des autres et de l’environnement » – Définition internationale du naturisme, retenue en 1974 par la Fédération Internationale de Naturisme ". Le mouvement naturiste a été reconnu en tant qu'Association Nationale de Jeunesse et d'Education Populaire (Arrêté ministériel du 28.10.1983). Extraits de " Naturisme " de la FFN.